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Brigitte Volz



1955 Born in Ulm, Germany
1978 - 2003 25 Years pedagogic and therapeutic experience in Germany with children and teenagers having special needs.
Experienced leader, training of teachers
Organizational development and team coaching
Including focus areas "Learning and Creating" and "Art and Handicap".
2003 - 2007 Deepening and continuing the focus in Paris, working as volunteer for various organizations:
  • Organizing exhibitions of artists with special needs
  • Offering paint workshops for children and teenagers who had lived homeless
  • French-german team working on the subject "Access to art and media for people having special needs"
  • Participation in international projects on the topic "Art and Handicap"
  • Education in "Work at the Clayfield", adding to the existing certificates in Pedagogy for Special Needs, Gestalt Therapy, Mediation, Alternative Practitioner/Psychotherapist
since 2007 Living and working again in Germany

Education in Fine Arts

1994 - 1996 Education in painting and graphics at Kunstschule Plattenhardt
1996 - 2004 Participation in workshops for jewellery making in Stuttgart, Switzerland and France
2004 - 2006 Education in a sculpture atelier in Paris
2007 - 2009 Sculpturing workshops in France and Germany


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